A Trip to IKEA makes a Girl Most Happy!

I love IKEA. How do I love IKEA? Let me count the ways... 
don't worry, that's all I'm going to say, except that it's Awesome! 
Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, my mum and I went to IKEA for fun, but I always have a list of new things I've found in the 2013 catalogue. It's always way too easy to spend a bunch of moolah there, and, as always, I spent lots (and got lots!)! I had been needing to redo my apartment, as it was, to quote my mother, "first-apartmenty." To be honest, I was tired of the way I had it, with curtains that made everything too dark, and a black bedspread that was needing to lighten up. I also had a very messy closet that was needing to be reorganized into a fabric holder (for my thousands of yards of fabric!).
I would like to now show you my beautiful results!
Here is my bathroom! I originally had an old shower curtain I bought at the dollar store, and it was in desperate need of something pretty and new. I took black sheer curtains that I had hanging in my living area, bought a new shower rod, a new heavy-duty shower curtain, and voila! New, updated, beautiful bathroom with new towels, too!
On the top, you will find my messy, messy closet with an old entertainment center that needed to go away. So armed with a box of shelving pieces, some storage boxes, some sweat and my version of curse words, I completed the EXPEDIT shelf and KASSETT boxes. These boxes must be a part of Time-Lord technology (sorry, it's  Doctor Who reference), because these boxes are bigger on the inside-they hole SO much-and I was able to transfer so much fabric into them. Oh Happy Day!
I had a super messy refrigerator top, so I bought a couple of shelves to organize it! A few screws, tossing some stuff into the trash, and poof! Organized with everything actually visible (what a concept). Thank goodness for organization!

Now for my favorite part, my sleeping quarters! My bed and I have been in a very long and happy relationship, but my bed was in need of a makeover. I found this wonderful duvet set with pillow slips (for a super good price!), and some new curtains, and presto! Bed Magic! I love toile, so this EMMIE LAND duvet set was the top priority on my shopping list. 
I highly recommend IKEA for your home improvement needs; it's a magical place full of fun and ideas to create a wonderful, comfortable environment you'll enjoy being in!


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