Wednesday, June 29, 2016

||On 5 Current Favorites||

Summer being a time of Pinterest binging, sweet tea-drinking, and nap-taking, 
I like to make a compilation of my 5 favorite favorites I have for the summer so far. 

©Tim Rook REX Shutterstock
Duchess Catherine's Royal Ascot Outfit
Can you say, wow?!?! Another stunning outfit worn by the ever-lovely and beloved Duchess of Cambridge at the Royal Ascot two weekends ago. Her ivory Dolce and Gabbana dress makes me swoon at the lace and design, and her Jane Taylor hat is immaculately paired with it, as well as a gold clutch. Seriously, though, wow! Is there anything she can't look bad in?!?!

© Carissima Keatley
Kinfolk Magazine: The Travel Issue
 "Travel is a mentality as much as an action, so it doesn’t matter if our adventures start on the side of an alpine mountain or end in our living rooms."[Kinfolk: The Travel Issue]Lots of inspiring articles making you want to travel, the current issue of Kinfolk is inspiration for the heart and lovely to the eyes. Available at

© Carissima Keatley
Botanics Ionic Clay Shine Away Mask
This stuff is amazing! 
A mask that feels good and helps keep shine away is perfect summer. 
Available at and

Album Cover of The Lumineers Cleopatra
Ophelia by The Lumineers
This song is reminiscent of those summer loves gone by, but it keeps you tapping your finger or dancing to the rhythm in your room or car. 
Listen to it on youtube; album available at

Okay, so Pinterest is only a current obsession, it's an everyday one. However, if you haven't explored the wonderful world of Pinning onto dream boards, you are going to want to try it. Makeup tips, natural cleaning tips, and delicious recipes are just waiting for you simply at the touch of your fingertips. If you're looking to see what it's all about, take a look at my page by clicking here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

||On Summer Favorites||

Summer may not officially be here calendar-wise, but for me, it's been here about 3 weeks
(the joys of being a student again!)!
Here are some of my favorite summer things to eat, visit, drink, and listen to. . .

1. To Eat: Blueberries
 © Carissima Keatley
Blueberries have an early season this year in Oregon, but I have to say I am completely okay with that!
The farm I work at--Fordyce Farm--grows them, and I am sooo happy they're here!
I'll be out picking next week; well, I plan on picking as well as eating. . .
I also want to try this recipe from the blog Be a Fun Mum for Frozen Blueberry and Yogurt Kebabs. Yum!

2. To Visit: Oregon's Outdoors
© Carissima Keatley
Anywhere in Oregon is gorgeous in the summer, so it's really hard to actually pinpoint a certain area. However, I have to say that my favorite areas are up nearer the Cascade Range, such as North Fork. Blue skies, hiking trails, refreshing water, and natural beauty all around you makes for an appealing afternoon hike or weekend camping trip.
For some ideas on places to visit in Oregon, click here!

3. To Eat: Bigwig Gluten-Free+Vegan Donut Holes
© Carissima Keatley
Now, these donuts are A-mazing! Made fresh, this donut pop-up comes to my favorite coffee shop 2x a week! Offering vegan, gluten-free donut, Bigwig has gained many followers, bringing delicious cinnamon-sugar, chocolate, and now lemon poppyseed balls of mouthwatering dough.
Visit there website here (and then go try some)!

4. To Drink: Archive Coffee
© Carissima Keatley
Archive Coffee and Bar is my favorite coffee shop in Salem. With their hand-roasted beans and gluten free breakfast foods, the coffee side of Archive is simple, smooth, and delicious.
They also offer food and drinks starting at 4pm, and their ever-rotating-with-the-season menu is scrumptious every single time.

5. To Visit: Hallie Ford Museum of Art
A Piece by Royal Nebeker from the current exhibition
Located here in Salem, Willamette University's Hallie Ford Museum offers visitors a variety of art to become enchanted by. Not only do they offer different artists--including local ones--but also an amazing permanent display that will be sure to dazzle any art lover's eye.
Another perk is that they give discounts to students, and are free to everyone on Tuesdays!

6. To Listen: The Stillwater Hobos
Photo: The Stillwater Hobos
This group hails from North Carolina and brings hauntingly beautiful and enjoyable Irish and Folk songs back to life. Check out their album on their website here!

7. To Do: Watch a Sunrise
© Carissima Keatley
While this may seem a silly one--it is summer vacation after all--one really needs to see an Oregon sunrise in the summer. The colors are simply breathtaking. . .

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

||On Best Friends||

In Honor of National Best Friends Day, 
I want to share with you some of my best friends and moments with them!
Happy Day to my siblings, my childhood friends, friends new and old.
I love you all.

“Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” 
― C.S. LewisThe Four Loves

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 
 Linda Grayson

“If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking , they can make you laugh.” 
― P.C. Cast

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

||On Instagram Favorites||

What a crazy and awesome place to be inspired and get connected.
Today, I wanted to share with you my 
Top Five Favorite Instagrammers!

My latest Instagram favorite, Brittany Wright takes food and re-organizes into color ways and turns them into amazing prints for your home, office and more!
Check out her splashing website here.
Photo: Britanny Wright

2. @twooldbeans
Two Old Beans Vintage Clothing finds cute and amazing vintage finds for both women and men. 
Located in Nashville, these girls curate exquisite vintage clothing to turn any old-school-loving girl or boy into vivacious women and men.
Find clothing, hats, and more on their Etsy shop here!
Photo: Two Old Beans

Katie Davis is a floral magician whose artistic skills render amazing floral arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, and more!  A local of Salem, OR, she brings us delightful and awe-inspiring fleurs, along with gorgeous photos to prove it.
Photo: Katie Davis

Anna Maria Horner is, without doubt, my most favorite fabric designer of all times.
No matter what collection she creates, it 1) always works with her older collections, and 2) are always gorgeous. As I'm sitting here typing this, I am currently in a skirt I made using her fabric (just one of the many ways to utilize these jewels).
Her Instagram account is not only her fabric and current projects, but also her adorable and amazing family.
Check out her fabric collections at a quilt shop near you, or online here
Photo: Anna Maria Horner

This beautiful lady loves to explore and create and shows it all through her photos.
Jeanette is actually my cousin, but I've always loved seeing life through her eyes.
A bit crazy, super gorgeous, and always creative, Jeanette shows that life is always an adventure, you must simply open your eyes to where you are in the moment.
Photo: Jeanette Penniman

Well, those are my top five favorites!
Who are yours?
Which one inspires you, makes you laugh?