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|| On Coming to an End ||

Things change constantly.
Whether it's the weather, fashion, politics, or just life in general, things are constantly revolving.
That is why I am writing this post today, to say goodbye.
This blog has changed in design and style, and while it's been a great five years, it's time to end Oregonic Girl.
I am moving to the East Coast, to a place that my heart loves.
Yes, I will always be an Oregon girl, and I'm glad for the 27 years I've spent here.
So, my dear readers, I wish you all farewell, and I thank you for reading my site.

I will be continuing my journey through a new blog, which I encourage you to check out.
It will be simpler, and I will (hopefully) write more and more as time goes on.
My blog, called C'est Moi, Carissima, will focus on things such as travel, food, and color inspirations, which is not much different than what I already write.
Again, I thank you for your reading and sharing my blog.
God Bless!

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