Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now I'm obsessed...

With Chalkboard Paint! It is now an obsession of mine-I've been painting random bottles, including my olive oil bottle and my tea box. I found my chalkboard paint at Home Depot-30 oz. for $10.97-in black. You can get it and have them mix it into another color, but as I am old-fashioned about some things, I decided to go with good old-fashioned black! You will most likely need at least two coats for some items, like the tops of my mason jar lids-it is so much better than the tape I used before! So pick some up at your favorite craft or hardware store, and paint, paint, paint!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Okay, well, happy belated New Year, anyway. It has been quite a crazy Holiday season for me and my family. My brother came home form school, which made everyone really happy, and our family was together once again. As the end of the year drew to a close, I decided to come up with some practical ideas for the new year-not resolutions, but goals to complete. After I had written about 25 ideas, I decided to choose my top six goals.
  • Finish 3 quilts, which gives me four months to complete each. Since the quilts I've chosen to complete are almost done, I might actually be able to complete more. Maybe...
  • Redecorate my apartment. My humble abode is way too crammed with things I've collected over the last few years, so I am in dire need to de-clutter and lighten things up. Organization is key.
  • Work harder on keeping a positive attitude. Pray more, worry less. Life is too important to worry so much (plus it keeps the wrinkles away!
  • Drink less coffee. Hah!
  • Take more pictures of everything, from nature to my family to my freshly revamped apartment (when I get that done!).
  • Get my Doula training and get my certification.
Image courtesy of AForestFrolic (Flickr)
These goals don't seem too bad, right? I think the last one will take the most effort , but in the end it will be an experience that will change my life forever. I wish and hope all goodness, happiness, and less worry in this new year of 2013!