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{OregonicGirl} Carissima Keatley: The Low-Down
||Oregonian Living *mostly* in Virginia||
||College Student||
||Artist, Singer, Tea Drinker|| 
||Lover of Britain, Books, the BBC + Coffee|| 

|| I spend way too much time on Instagram and Pinterest ||
Welcome to my blog, OregonicGirl!

|| You're probably wondering, why is your blog worth reading? ||

Well, I love to create and inspire everyday things into something that I can share with others around me.  I want to help you feel inspired to go out and create and inspire yourself and others around you.
I love color and patterns, and I take those color ideas and work them into something, whether it's a new embroidery thread bundle/project, a flower arrangement, even just a color inspiration board with plenty of ideas!

I also love music, and I love to share my current music moods, even creating playlists available for my amazing readers on Spotify!

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