Saturday, January 31, 2015

Current Favorites: January 2015

Oregonic Girl's 
Top 7 Current Favorite Places+Items

1. Archive Coffee and Bar
This coffee for the morning, bar for the night shop is the latest shop addition to Salem's downtown. With its bar-like coffee service, Archive is reminiscent of a bar in Europe.
For breakfast, I highly recommend their vanilla lattes, blackberry+basil scones.
At night, they pull out all the stops with great dinner options and delicious, old-fashioned drinks. 
For dinner, I recommend their chicken tacos and a gin+tonic.
Photo by @oregonic_girl
With ideas based from the 1920's, delicious drinks and food-not to mention fantastic baristas-Archive has begun a great foundation with the people of Salem. Check out what they're about & also there menu here.

2. Anna Griffin iPad Cover
Anna Griffin is known for her wonderful stationary, luggage, fabric & more. My latest favorites from are not only the latest fabrics-which are always gorgeous-but my favorite case for my iPad.
The case I have is unfortunately too old to be readily available anymore, but if you're going to have a beautiful, floral iPad case, I would choose the one pictured below. Check out her website here.
Grace iPad Case, Anna Griffin

3. Ponderosa & Thyme Floral Arrangements
Based here in Salem, Ponderosa & Thyme creates the loveliest flower arrangements, 
bouquets, wreaths and more. They also have workshops, which I really want to go to someday! Check them out here.
Photo: Ivy and Gold

4. The Little Spark by Carrie Bloomston
I love this book, and below is my review for the book on C&T Publishing's website, which sums up how I feel about this book:
"This is such a wonderful book! I have discovered & rediscovered myself in more than just creative ways. Carrie Bloomston is an inspiring and encouraging author who opens your mind to becoming the truly creative person you have been looking to become. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs some "Spark" to their life."
Check out this great book here!
Photo: C&T Publishing

5. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens, Set of 10
Where to start... I L-O-V-E these pens. It all began when I bought my first set of 3 black fineliner pens; I was instantly hooked! The preciseness and color of these pens are fantastic, making drawing and typography so much fun!
Check them out on Staedtler's website here.

6. Ball Mason Jars in Purple
My favorite color is purple. I also love mason jars and use them for everything, from lunch containers to storage containers to the occasional drinking glass.
Now they come in purple. PURPLE. Oh my gosh! I need a few dozen of these, please!
Order them on Amazon here, then send them my way...

7. Volupsa Candle in Makassar Ebony & Peach
The smell of this candle is delicious. I was first intrigued by the beautiful design of the jar, but when I saw and smelled the scent, I knew I needed it. The scent of ebony with peach is an exquisite mix, and the black coconut wax is shiny and mysterious.
Find it on Volupsa's website here.

What are some of your current favorites? Perhaps a new candle, iPhone cover, even a new restaurant. Share your favorites with me; I'd love to see what inspires you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On Inspirations: Color of the Year Spring 2015

The color of the year, chosen by Pantone for Spring 2015 is Marsala. 
This wine-inspired red is a lovely addition to the fashion world, macarons and more!
I love this color, and love the idea of being able to thrift shop for this color!

1. Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf, Burberry.

2. Pantone's Official Color for 2015, Pantone.

3. Lovely Dark and Deep Florals, Intimate Weddings.

4. Red Velvet Macarons. Oh my goodness. I want these right now! Footsie.

5. Gorgeous, Deep Burgundy Red walls, a great Marsala-colored chairs, Kathy Kuo Home.

6. Ranunculus Flowers,

7.The Claudette Dress by Reformation.

8. A Lovely English Garden, Pinterest.

9. A burning Marsala Forest,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Inspirations: Spring

With spring coming just around the corner, I've been feeling the need to put some more colors in my life. Here's what I've been recently inspired by:

 1. The Terry Floral Fit & Flare Dress from Anthropologie.

2. Styling arrangement by Chihiro Kubota.  

3. Floral Bouquet Fabric by Tim Holtz for Free Spirit Fabrics.

4. A Collection of DMC Embroidery Floss I've been working on, inspired by the Anthropolgie dress.

5. The gorgeous colors in this food styling by Introducing New Worlds With A Shrug.

6. The gathering of flowers shown in Kinfolk Magazines.

7. Tula Pink Moonshine Fabric in Jam. 

8. Another Floral Arrangement found on Pinterest.

9. The old-fashioned floral layout I found on Pinterest through kittenpaw.tumblr.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Love that I Am Me

Photo: I Heart Luxe
I love my weird tastes in music. 
I love super chocolatey ice creams and cheesy romantic comedies. 
I love laugh and make silly noises to get my coworker to crack up. 
I love to go to bed early and get up early.
I love to drink coffee.
I love to see my friends and laugh and be silly with them.
I love to wear skirts and dresses and tights and look like a girl. 
I love to watch weird television and movies.
I love the fact that I know I have lost weight and that I am a better person. 
Not because I lost the weight, but because I am happier version of myself.
I love British stuff and musicals and to sit and home and watch tv and embroider. 
I love weird rock music and renaissance music. 
I love to wear red lipstick.
I love to listen to the same playlist before I go to work so that I can think and prepare myself for a long and not always good day. 
I love to go to work on Mondays. 
I love the fact that I can do so much with my life and that it's only the beginning.
I love that I can be great.
I love that I am happy with who I am, even when I don't love who I may be. 
I love that I know that I can be a better person-anyone knows that-and can look forward to getting to know my future self in just that, the future.
I love that I don't have to feel stupid for being myself.
I love that I am Me.