|| On Daniel Glass + A Special Deal! ||

There’s something amazing about summer.  I don’t know if it’s the fresh summer breeze flowing through the open windows or all the ice cream, but summer has always been a time to refresh the mind, also a great time to change things up.  That is why I want to introduce you to Daniel Glass.  Daniel Glass is a BPA-free, glass water bottle with interchangeable sleeves that come in an array of funky, bright colors!  They come in a variety of sleeve colors and are dishwasher-safe!
I've had my Daniel Glass bottle for almost a year now, and buying the bottle was a great change not only for my health, but also for the way I see how I use things in life.
For instance, how we treat our bodies by eating with and on plastic is crazy, because it does so much harm!  Drinking water (or other liquids) in plastic bottles is not very good for us, either, leaking horrible chemicals into something that is supposed to hydrate and keep us healthy.  
Thankfully, there are many, much cuter options, like the latest collections from 
Daniel Glass (like the ones from Tropic Like It's Hot, below)!!

© Daniel Glass
That is why I use Daniel Glass. 
I use it for it’s BPA-free, shiny, bright bottle, and it’s cheerful, easy-to-clean, silicone sleeve.
I also use it because I wanted to help out my health in a way that is easy and fun.

Today, I want to give YOU the chance to enjoy your very own Daniel Glass with a special offer from Daniel Glass!
By clicking on the link below and entering the code OREGONICGIRL10 at checkout, you will receive 10% off of your very own glass water bottle, like the one below (in one of my new favorite colors, Detox to Retox!!)! Click here to get one of these lovely glasses!

© Daniel Glass
What can you use it for?  Well, other than water, how about smoothies, juices, even cold coffee drinks?!?!  The options are endless, as well as the sleeve color options.  Can’t choose just one? I’m excited to announce that sleeves are now available for separate purchase, which means you can change from Midnight Mischief to Yes Way Rosé in a snap.  Did I mention that both bottles and covers are dishwasher safe? Hooray!

Remember to enter the code OREGONICGIRL10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order.  You won’t regret it.  Promise.


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