|| On Summer Favorites ||

Although it's May, and there's a lot of people still in school, I am glad to say that I am done for the year! It's crazy with only one year left to go-senior year, here I come!
In the meantime, I've compiled a list of my favorite items for the summer...

1. Summer Wallpaper. This great wallpaper from Design Love Fest. I seriously love Bri and all of her art collaborators.  This is an older design from a few months back, but the colors remind me of summer, and will make any computer or phone look spectacular! Check this design and many other fantastic ones out here.

2. New York City. Hot, muggy, and full of life, this city reminds me of everything crazy that can hit during the summer, even if your summer is maybe not-so-crazy. This photo from my trip last October reminds me not only of all the life that happens in the Big Apple, but also that it's okay to get out of your comfort zone at least once in a while.

3. LA LA LAND. I wrote a small review on the film (and the clothes) not long ago, and now the film is out on DVD/Blu-Ray! Hooray! Go buy or rent it, and hopefully it will be in Netflix soon!

4. Yellow Dresses. I love yellow dresses, and while I'm still searching for that perfect sunny dress, I love to find inspiration on Pinterest, especially this one from ASOS. Unfortunately, this dress (as seen on The Londoner's website) is no longer available, but thankfully with summer right around the corner, it's getting easier to find them. Check out your local thrift stores, too, because there will be all sorts of bright, flows dresses that will be that spark in your summer wardrobe.

5. Summer Nails. These darlings are done by @unistella_byek_lab, and there are some jaw-dropping designs on their page. Check them out for summer nail inspiration!

6. Black Felt Letter Board. These great letter boards are great for creating simple signs with a large impact. You can find them on websites such as Vintage Revival, or you can DIY here.

7. Stone Fruit Tart. With the delicious stone fruit almost in season, what better way to use it (other than jams and eating them) than to make a tart? Joscelyn of WifeMammaFoodie has a great, gluten-free Stone Fruit Almond Tart, which I realllly want to make this summer. check out the recipe here!

8. Summer Dinner Gathering. There's nothing like a gathering of your closest family and friends during the summer, especially when there's an amazing smorgasbord of food to help you along! Create a delicious spread of local, in-season fruits and vegetables, cheeses, crackers, wine and summer cocktails, and enjoy the sun and laughter.

9. Last but not least, summery dishes that will brighten up any kitchen. While I love a good, clean white dish, there's something about these colors that simply make me happy. Look at your local thrift stores for bright finds like these, or check out macys.com for Fiestaware in your favorite summer colors!


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