I Love that I Am Me

Photo: I Heart Luxe
I love my weird tastes in music. 
I love super chocolatey ice creams and cheesy romantic comedies. 
I love laugh and make silly noises to get my coworker to crack up. 
I love to go to bed early and get up early.
I love to drink coffee.
I love to see my friends and laugh and be silly with them.
I love to wear skirts and dresses and tights and look like a girl. 
I love to watch weird television and movies.
I love the fact that I know I have lost weight and that I am a better person. 
Not because I lost the weight, but because I am happier version of myself.
I love British stuff and musicals and to sit and home and watch tv and embroider. 
I love weird rock music and renaissance music. 
I love to wear red lipstick.
I love to listen to the same playlist before I go to work so that I can think and prepare myself for a long and not always good day. 
I love to go to work on Mondays. 
I love the fact that I can do so much with my life and that it's only the beginning.
I love that I can be great.
I love that I am happy with who I am, even when I don't love who I may be. 
I love that I know that I can be a better person-anyone knows that-and can look forward to getting to know my future self in just that, the future.
I love that I don't have to feel stupid for being myself.
I love that I am Me.


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