||On Summer Playlists||

It can't be summer already, can it?!?!
Well, as I watch the rain fall, now that I'm back in Oregon, I'm not quite sure.
Oh well...
Because I am am looking forward to the warm, hazy days that an Oregon summer can bring, I thought I would share with you, my delightful readers, a summer playlist!
Here are five songs which I've included on my playlist, 
with links to get a taste of them on Youtube! 

Fair warning: I am an avid listener of alternative/indie music, David Bowie, and just a strange assortment of songs, which I've apparently inherited this awesome, weird taste in music from my grandpa. Just to warn y'all...

Click to Listen to my playlist on Spotify:
OregonicGirl: Summer Playlist

1. Carry On--Coeur de Pirate

2. How Big How Blue How Beautiful--Florence + the Machine

3. Dancing On Glass--St. Lucia

4. Ophelia--The Lumineers

5. China Girl--David Bowie


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