On Why My Family+Friends are Awesome (aka A Thank You)

My family life has been pretty crazy lately. 
After 12 days, my dad is finally out of the hospital.
What he had, the doctors never quite pinpointed it, other than a lot of different things all 
happening at once.
My mom, the strong one, is home at last, having spent all but one night with him. She is an amazing woman, whose love and devotion to her husband shows people a good look at marriage, even when he could be a pain in the butt.
My sister has been teaching not only her classes-she's a fencing instructor-but also our mom's classes as well. And going to school. She's one tough cookie!
She and I have been driving, working, eating way too much fast food, visiting dad, and going to bed. That has been our schedule these past 12 days.

My family is inconceivably Awesome.
Yes, awesome with a capital A.
Because even though we've had these crazy and truly exhausting weeks, we've been able to take time and really be thankful for our family and friends, who have prayed and visited 
and just made sure we were ALL doing well. 

"None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someones help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you."
-Harvey Mackay

I want to thank my mom, Nanci, who stayed with dad every day & every night, sleeping on recliners and cots, who didn't complain, who held herself and was strong throughout everything.
Without you, dad would not have been able to get through everything. 
She is an amazing woman who is tough and loving; I hope I will be a wife and mother like her.

I want to thank my sister, who taught mom's classes, went to school, and visited dad so mom could go home for a bit. Mary, you rock. You are an amazing sister who is helpful and strong, too.
Without you, I wouldn't have been able to stay under control, and mom wouldn't have gotten a break.

To my dad, Brian, a great guy whose been through so much. Get better, and I know you can get through these next few weeks of IV therapy and check-up appointments.
Rest well.

To my family and friends,
Thank you for praying, for visiting, for sending well wishes, food and happy thoughts our way.
We couldn't have gotten through this without you.
Photo Source: Old Hat Creative


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