My Current Crafty Obsession: Embroidery

I love being crafty, and I love being able to have the capabilities and supplies readily available. 
At my work, there is an unending supply of embroidery floss, pearl cotton, hoops and more.

As you can see from the picture above, I've been busy with thread work.
Lots and Lots of thread work.
 I have found many wonderful and inspiring quotes on Pinterest, and decided they should go onto fabric for people to be inspired by everyday!
My favorite fabrics to work with right now are Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
 & Carolyn Friedlander's latest collection, Doe, also by Kaufman. 
These fabrics are fun and enjoyable to use, and offer a fun variety in color and designs; check them out here.
As you may have noticed from my January 25th post, I am really into the bright, happy spring colors. These have been playing into my floss palettes, and you can certainly see that in the pieces I've been working on!
What projects are you working on right now? What colors, textures, mediums? Share them with me; I'd love to see them!


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