OregonicGirl Flies Away and Lands...in Virginia?!?!

Life has changed drastically in the past couple of months. 
I quit my job.
I moved to the East Coast.
I started college again.

It's a really weird feeling, going back to studying, to homework, to getting up and going to class.
It's weird having a bunk bed, cafeteria food, and mandatory events.

However, it is also wonderful; let me tell you why.

1. Roommates
I have made some great friends, including my amazing & encouraging roommates. 
We may four in one room, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
My roomies rock; they bring snacks, advice, and fun tastes in music and movies.
We work well together, doing homework together, praying the rosary together, lifting each other up.

2. Friends
While my roomies are amazing friends, I've also made some other funny and incredible friends.

We've already had Girls Night Out, movie nights, and lots of late night study sessions.
There's been dances, salsa and whipped cream (a funny story), coffee at 11 p.m., and lots & lots of laughter. It's only been a few weeks, but getting to know these girls so well already is making this college-thing much easier to transition into!

3. The Quality Family Time
I love my family. They are the reason it was so hard to leave home. 
That is why I am thankful to have easy ways to communicate with them on a weekly basis. 
My sister is in college, my brother in Europe, my other brother in Seminary. 
We don't always have a lot of time to see each other, which is why our weekly Skype and phone sessions are so crucial. I get to see and talk to my sister brothers and parents, talk about our weeks, and listen to my brother make weird philosophical jokes, which I'm starting to get (yikes!).

4. Virginia is Beautiful

I've never been to VA until now, but the green, the mountains, the river; there's so much beauty to enjoy. I also have an amazing school, which is lovely in its own way. Just being able to see the outline of the chapel, hearing the bell ring on the hour, walking the grounds, make me smile, grateful to be in such a beautiful place, gaining friendships and a fantastic education.
The Outline of the Chapel

While these are just a few examples of why I love this place, I have to say thank you to my parents, for giving me encouragement when I was going through the application process, not to mention the encouragement and great life you have given me! You have helped me gain experience in life, becoming a more confident and better person.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thank you to my friends and co-workers, who encouraged me to follow my dreams, even though they knew they'd have to say goodbye for a while.

Thanks to my siblings, who have not only told me to go for it, but have also been helping me with my homework. Seriously, thank you!

I hope to write more as the semester continues; hopefully sooner rather than later.
Until then, check out the college's website to see pictures and videos of all the events which have taken place just in the past few weeks!


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