On Chartreuse

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Chartreuse is a highly discussed color, especially in my line of work. 
A lot of people love it-such as myself-while others are reminded of slime or something else in the gross department. At the quilt shop I work at, we incorporate this between-yellow-and-green color into a lot of items, and most of us are excited when a new piece of this color arrives.
I love it, and I will always love it.
Well, it's bright, it's cheerful, and sometimes you can drink it.
You can wear it; my favorite sweater is chartreuse knit, and my favorite necklace is composed of chartreuse beads. There is also the sipping liquor known as Chartreuse, and is a lovely albeit strong drink to be slowly enjoyed. I love chartreuse paint, chartreuse clothing, and chartreuse fabric.
This color will always mean cheerfulness and a way of telling me to will myself to make more chances in my life. It is a way of helping me to expand my creativity, and to be my own unique self.
That is why I love Chartreuse.
"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique."
~Walt Disney


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