On Happiness

Lately, I've been enjoying the small or simple beauty that can be found in everyday life.
Today I've made a list of my favorite things that have brought happiness, joy and peace into my life.

1. Mount Angel Abbey, Mt. Angel, OR

I don't get to go there enough, but when I do, it's nothing short of beautiful, peaceful and just plain wonderful. I'm fortunate to have a brother there in Seminary, so I have more than one good reason to go there. If you ever need a quiet place to rest, either for an hour or a weekend retreat, Mount Angel Abbey is the place to go.

2. Relaxing with Tea

Just sitting, drinking tea, comfy and cozy blankets and snugly throws all around. Sometimes there's music, a movie or television show, and sometimes it's just plain silence.

3. Sunrise

There's nothing quite like a sunrise (other than a good sunset), and I get the wonderful chance to witness it almost everyday. Getting up early has to have some sort of perk, right?

4. Getting In

To school, I mean. I have been accepted into a wonderful 4-year college for this coming fall! 
It's been almost 6 years since I graduated from my last college, and I am looking forward to finishing my college education.

5. Fresh Vegetables

Not everyone likes vegetables, and I can understand some reasons why, but then I get to eat delicious, organic vegetables from a local farm. Pitchfork and Crow, located in Lebanon, is a wonderful, organic farm that brings lovely fruits and veggies to happy Salem families (and surrounding towns).
Check out their website and sign up for a CSA box in your area!

6. English Paper Piecing

If you follow my blog, you've noticed that I have a hankering for handwork. English Paper Piecing is, of course, handwork, and I love making monthly hexagon blocks for shop samples. I've already made 7; now to figure out what to do with them!

What are the things that bring you happiness?
Share in the comment section; I'd love to see what makes you glad.


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