Top 5 Current Favorite Songs

I love music. I mean really love music. I listen to it constantly-in the car, on the bus, at work , at home-and if for some reason there's no music, I'm singing or humming or even doing some fairly terrible beat-boxing (sorry co-workers). So, since I love music so much, I've decided that today's post should be about 5 of my top current favorite songs. Please note that this is not necessarily current music, but a mix of new and old, and not necessarily to each person's taste. I also want to warn you, my dear readers, that I have a very strange style of music mixes. From opera to rock, pop to indie, my musical tastes are very...eclectic.
So here they are!
1) Funnel of Love by SQÜRL

I love the music from the Only Lovers Left Alive Soundtrack. I love this movie, from the cast to the music to the cinematography, and this song is one of the first I listen to on my "Off to Work" Playlist. Listen to to here.

2) Vampyre of Time and Memory by Queens of the Stone Age
This song is from the band's newest album, Like Clockwork. It is full of hard, beautiful, poem-like lyrics which talk about feeling alone in hard times, but how amazing it is when you finally get out of certain hard times of your life. I highly recommend listening to this song; you can hear the song here.

3) Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
I love J.T.. I haven't always, but I've enjoyed watching and listening to the talented man he has become as a single artist. His newest album, The 20/20Experience, has some great new songs, but this song especially is so beautiful, and everyone should go read the lyrics, and watch the music video on YouTube here. Oh, and make sure you have tissues.

4) Amy Winehouse
Okay, so this isn't a specific song, but I love so many of her songs that I can't pick just one. She was an extremely talented singer, and I'm deeply sad that she left us at so young an age.

5) Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne

With a super-soothing voice, Ray LaMontagne is an artist that seems to fit every persons musical styles. Mr. LaMontagne's music continues to get better and better. Be Here Now, from his album, Till The Sun Turns Black, can relax you and make you go into a lovely, dreamy state. His other songs and albums are just as fantastic, and for a taste, you can listen to this song here


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