5 Current Fashion Loves

I've recently been inspired by certain movies-Breakfast at Tiffany's, Love and Other Disasters-that have re-inspired me to look into my favorite essentials I have been missing! 

Top 5 Current Fashion Loves

1. The Perfect Pair of Black Ballet Flats.
As I'm a big fan of black being the staple color in my wardrobe, I was reallly needing a pair of black flats. So of course, I bought 2 pairs. They were on sale, and I need them, right?!?!

2. A good pair of Black Leggings.
To put it simply, they're comfy, work with lots of outfits when you don't want to wear tights, plus you can find them for a good price! I found my favorite pair at Target, and I think I'm going to need more..

3. A Cute, Vintage Dress.
While I've found some amazing, adorable dresses at my favorite Thrift Stores, this particular find was due to my sister's good eye (you rock, Mary!). This beautiful, Royal Blue Dress is stunning, comfy, and makes me incredibly happy when I wear it.

4. An Easy-to-Wear, Comfy Chambray Shirt.
I've been searching and searching for the best chambray shirt, and my luck finally hit when I went to Old Navy. It wasn't on sale, but hey, when a girl need something so specific, sometimes you've got to shell out those few extra dollars. You don't always need that extra cup of caffe in the morning, right? LOL.

5. Some Great BIG Necklaces.
There's accessories, and then there's Accessories. I've had some great jewelry, and I've loved rediscovering ways to wear them again! Pearls, Chains, Beading and more makes me a happy girl!

I hope you enjoy these & get inspired to explore your local thrift stores & your closet!


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