New Beginnings and Moving Back Home

My life has been a little bit stressful lately. Okay, really, really stressful! My neighbors that kept moving in were getting worse, work was crazy, and my bills seemed endless-I wasn't quite sure was I was going to do-until that one night about a month ago. After some not-so-fun events with my neighbors, I was getting to the point where I was getting too stressed out for my own good.
It also didn't help that since I'd like to go to midwife school eventually, I wasn't going to be able to continue on paying the meager amount on all my loans! So I talked to my mom-after bursting into tears-and she and my dad asked me if I'd like to move back in. I agreed, and now, after a month, I have officially moved back home. People have asked me if it's difficult, but now that it's been a few years, I am really glad to be back home. Not only am I now living with people who care for me, but I am no longer feeling completely alone. Sure, it's going to take some getting used to, since I have given up a few things I had before (being close to everything, certain freedoms, etc), but it's so completely worth it! Now I just have to finish unpacking...
Oy-vay, I have a lot of work to do!!


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