So It's April Now...

Wait-it's April? Where the heck did March go? To be honest, I really have no idea! The end of March and beginning of April brings on a new load of things, like that last minute rush to get taxes done, gallbladder surgery, and beautiful weather (bring on the flowers and picnics!). Yes, I have to finish my taxes, but currently, I am sitting on my parents couch recovering from gallbladder surgery, thinking about where all my tax paperwork is currently sitting. So, I shall now show you a picture of some pretty flowers my sister picked from the garden, as well as a picture of some yummy goodness my mum made for dinner yesterday:

Aren't they pretty?!?! They have definitely been brightening up my time here. -------->
<--I've also been enjoying some delicious, low or non-fat dishes from my mom, who is the best cook this side of, well, anywhere! Even the plainest dishes are spectacular when she's waved her magic wand (we call her Mrs. Weasley for a reason). 

This week has included some great food, fantastic painkillers, and even more fabulous family and friends who have been taking care of me and making sure that I'm recovered shipshape to enjoy this beautiful month of the beginnings of beauty here in the beautiful state of Oregon.


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