Of Kitchens...

You can create many memories in kitchens,
including silly ones with your siblings!
There are some things in this world that can make some of us easily happy and entertained. A kitchen is something that makes me happy, because it's where memories of simple and beautiful can be made. For example, my grandma's kitchen reminds me of the day of summer eating popsicles and making sugar cookies, whereas my mom's kitchen reminds me of learning how to make everyones favorite chocolate chip cookies and giving the cats a bath (which was painful, yet fun). Time when everyone hurried to finish that final touch on the Thanksgiving dinner so we could eat before the clock struck midnight, or sneaking into the fridge later for a leftover sandwich (which I know we all do). Kitchens are an amazing place full of love, laughter, tears, sitting on the floor just simply enjoying some peace and quiet. Take some time and sit in your kitchen, wash some dishes, or make a pot of tea, enjoying the simpleness that a kitchen can bring!


  1. Thank you, Cari, for inspiring me to spend a bit more time in my kitchen...i may even make some new kitchen curtains :) We all know I have the fabric! ;)


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