Day 2: Morning Journeys

Today we went to St. Peter's, which is THE most beautiful place in the entire world. I know I haven't very much but I know nothing will ever be able to compare the beauty and mystery that is St. Peter's Church. The square was very fantastic, but the inside was so overwhelming it made me cry (literally). Josh also took me around to all these different churches in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome. We also had delicious cappuccinos :D. We got to see St. Cecelia, the patron saint of music, at the church named after her. On one of the churches, there were stone markers from the catacomb graves attached to the wall. These churches, no matter what size, we're so beautiful, designed in styles from Byzantine and Baroque and more! I forgot my camera today but we are returning to those places one last time on Wednesday. 
After the tour, we went grocery shopping and after a bus and metro ride, we finally returned to the apartment where we ate a lunch of cheese, meat, wine, and apples with the generic brand of Nutella. Nutella is very popular in Europe; they eat it everywhere! Now that we were refueled, we decided to watch a video, where I nodded off a couple of times. So, we decided to take a nap-for three hours-until our third roommate, Judy, buzzed the intercom and woke us up! She and I went grocery shopping while Josh made a risotto-style dish. We returned and added some onions we caramelized and had a delicious supper. 
It has been a full few days so far, but I'm excited to see what's in store! Tomorrow, we head to the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and who knows where else?!?! However, it's after midnight here and I must get some sleep!


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